Celebrating a Year of Sustainable Blockchain Innovation

Sustainable Blockchain

In March of 2022, Filecoin Green hosted the very first Sustainable Blockchain Summit at SXSW in Austin where we grew from a small project within the Filecoin ecosystem to a larger initiative focused on promoting sustainable practices and innovation within the blockchain industry generally. From hosting successful summits to launching innovative projects, here are some of the highlights from the past year:

Sustainable Blockchain Summit: Over 1000+ attendees and 150+ expert speakers have joined us in the US, EU, and LATAM for the Sustainable Blockchain Summit (event pages here!) SBS provided a platform for experts and stakeholders to discuss green blockchain solutions and share knowledge about the most innovative and impactful approaches to building a more sustainable future. We’re excited to continue building this momentum at SBS-Boston on April 13, at the tail-end of the MIT Energy Conference and right before ETH Boston!

Sustainable Blockchain Hackathon: The team hosted its very first Sustainable Blockchain Hackathon last July which had over 250+ participants and 70+ projects submitted. The hackathon brought together developers, designers, and sustainability experts to create innovative solutions that leverage blockchain technology to promote sustainability.

Green Grants Program: In June, Filecoin Green announced a $1 million round of grant funding targeted towards ReFi projects building on top of Filecoin and IPFS. Some of the projects supported include GainForest, Reneum, and Impacta Finance. Filecoin Storage providers like DCENT and TwinQuasar were also able to receive support in moving towards greener operations.

CO2.Storage: In October, CO2.Storage was officially announced as the first web3 storage solution for structured environmental data, stored on IPFS and Filecoin, working to enable a higher degree of transparency for environmental attributes underlying digital environmental assets like Renewable Energy Certificates, carbon offsets, and others. The platform aims to increase transparency and trust in not only the carbon offset market but to solve the problem of all real-world claims being publicly available and transparently managed.

Filecoin Green at COP27: As part of the UNFCCC’s Global Innovation Hub, the Filecoin Green team traveled to Sharm al-Sheikh, Egypt to discuss the important role web3 can play in addressing the climate crisis. The team’s talk and panel discussion highlighted how innovative web3 technologies can be leveraged to build a global carbon accounting system where emissions data is moved more quickly across supply chains and the unique opportunity that blockchains and crypto enable for driving collective action towards emissions reductions and switching to clean energy.

Storage Provider (SP) Sustainability Validation Process: The team engaged with over 200 MinerIDs in the Filecoin network to participate in the Filecoin Green energy usage validation process. Having a rigorous and verifiable carbon accounting process is crucial for being able to understand both individual storage providers and the entire network’s energy usage. Storage providers DCENT, SXX, and PiKNik are the first SPs to complete the validation process and have been awarded the Gold, Bronze, and Silver sustainability claim tiers respectively. Track progress on the validation site here.

Renewable Energy Procurement: Last year, Filecoin Green procured enough renewable energy to cover the entirety of the network’s estimated energy use through the end of 2022. This amounted to 2.6 TWh of renewable energy purchased and matched with Storage Providers all of which you can verify in our Filecoin Energy dashboard.

Overall, the past year has been a remarkable one for Filecoin Green, as the team has made significant strides toward promoting sustainability within the Filecoin ecosystem and beyond. With continued momentum and dedication, our team is looking to continue driving innovative, web3 native solutions for addressing the greatest problems of today and doing so in a way that is open-source and radically transparent.

Sustainable Blockchain