Meet the community! We host a monthly meetup to give updates on our progess, showcase projects in the community, and discuss the way forward. You can also find us speaking at other events across Crypto, Finance and Cleantech.
The Promise of Blockchain: Global Scale and Coordination in Climate Finance
AI + Environment Summit
Ownership Economy
SBS Earth 2023
The first virtual Sustainable Blockchain Summit uniting industry leaders, innovators and sustainability enthusiasts to explore the power of blockchain in promoting a greener and more equitable world. In addition to the event, video on demand talks are featured on an interactive map on the event website, allowing participants to enjoy presentations at their convenience. Be sure to check out this first of its kind, groundbreaking, digital experience!
Public Goods Hackathon
Join the Fund Public Goods hackathon to build a decentralized funding ecosystem by fostering the development of innovative funding tooling within the web3 ecosystem!
Public Goods
Sustainable Blockchain Summit Boston 2023
The Sustainable Blockchain Summit (SBS) seeks to catalyze projects that will better align the global economy with the natural world, and broaden the scope of our ambitions to encompass all planetary boundaries required to keep our world habitable. Join the world’s premiere forum at the intersection of web3 and the biosphere and help us solve these problems together.
Sustainable Blockchain Summit
SBS Boston First Look
A monthly Twitter spaces series complementing the quarterly Filecoin Green SBS in-person events. Featuring past event speakers with recaps and updates on their SBS session topics, and periodic previews of upcoming events and speakers. Plus Q&A with attendees, so ask your questions live or send them in anytime on Twitter using #SBS or email and we look forward to seeing you there!
Filecoin Green February 2023 Meetup
A green, sustainable web3 ecosystem is the future. Our speaker this month is Akshay Aditya and Team from Ostrom - a protocol for community based development and environmental regeneration.