Filecoin Green’s $1 million Green Grants Program will support climate positive Regenerative Finance (ReFi) initiatives


Filecoin Green’s $1 million Green Grants Program will support climate positive Regenerative Finance (ReFi) initiatives

Filecoin Green, in conjunction with the Filecoin Foundation, is excited to announce the launch of a $1 million grants program in support of Regenerative Finance (ReFi) projects aiming to bring the economic system into a healthier alignment with the natural world.

The grants program is an expansion of the Filecoin Green mission that aims to measure the environmental impacts of Filecoin and verifiably drive them below zero, building infrastructure along the way that allows anyone to make transparent and substantive environmental claims.

What is Regenerative Finance (ReFi)?

Regenerative economics challenges the existing financial structure that has fueled our current climate crisis. Instead of building an economy based on extraction, ReFi shifts the focus to regeneration of the Earth and the goods and services it supplies. ReFi creates a paradigm shift from competition to collaboration through actors working to achieve a sustainable and natural system at the intersection of Web3 and climate action.

Why is it useful to store ReFi projects on chain/off chain using Filecoin?

The benefits of decentralized storage are a natural fit for projects in ReFi. By diversifying where and who data is stored with and by having data replicated and stored with multiple storage providers, decentralized storage systems are in a better (and more cost effective) position to store humanity’s most important information such as climate related data. Key features of decentralized storage enable more transparency, agency, verifiability, resilience, and persistence when it comes to the datasets used to steward natural systems.

Filecoin Green Grants

We are interested in projects or companies that are working in the ReFi space including, but not limited to those working on reforestation, carbon credits, carbon negative solutions, and biodiversity monitoring and reporting.

Some previous Filecoin Green grantees include:

Dcent Hosting, building the tooling to reduce the environmental impact of being a storage provider through on-site solar panels.

Web3 Renewables working to record energy data from solar inverters on IPFS and building a Proof of Concept REC data system utilizing content identifiers (CIDs).

Katreena NFTs a digital Marketplace For Ecological Backed NFT’s.

With a wide variety of projects, we want to support you as we all work together to reduce our carbon footprint.


Successful applications will leverage the Filecoin and IPFS tech stack. All projects must be open-sourced, dual-licensed under MIT and APACHE2 licenses, and be self-managed.

Projects funded can be broad in scope, but will generally fit into one of three categories:

  • $5,000-$15,000 for experimental ReFi projects
  • $50,000 for proof of concept ReFi projects
  • $100,000-$200,000 for established Web3 climate projects/companies working on building something new and impactful in the ReFi space

If you are interested in applying for a Filecoin Green Grant, please apply here under Requests for Proposals. The ReFi grants round is open on a rolling basis until September 30, 2022.

You can also join #fil-green on the Filecoin Slack or @filecoingreen on Twitter for more information!