Redwood Reflections: DWeb Camp 2022
In a small unincorporated community three hours north of San Francisco,​​ a group of 450 multinational experts gathered for DWeb Camp 2022.
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Launching a race to the top in voluntary carbon markets
We are missing a key building block in voluntary carbon markets. The way forward for these markets — everyone agrees — is more transparency. But there are at least two types of transparency we need more of.
Carbon Offset
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Web3 and The Sustainable Data Movement
There is a growing movement in the world of sustainability and ReFi to manage data differently.
Decentralized Storage
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How to Become a Green Storage Provider
Filecoin is on its way to becoming carbon neutral at the node level thanks to initiatives fostered by Filecoin Green.
Filecoin Green
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Filecoin Green’s $1 million Green Grants Program will support climate positive Regenerative Finance (ReFi) initiatives
Filecoin Green, in conjunction with the Filecoin Foundation, is excited to announce the launch of a $1 million grants program in support of Regenerative Finance (ReFi) projects aiming to bring the economic system into a healthier alignment with the natural world.
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Meet Up with Filecoin Green!
Filecoin Green Virtual Meetup
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Introducing the Filecoin Energy Dashboard
We are increasing the transparency of Filecoin electricity use by allowing anyone to estimate the electricity consumption of any Filecoin storage provider
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